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Hypnotherapy & NLP Sessions with Rebecca

Rebecca Garratt
Registered Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner

What Happens In a session

After first contact is made, a form will be sent to you. This forms part of the process and provides me with more information. 

On the first session we have a chat about how you would like your life to be/look like.  I will also explain what we are going to do in the session and explain how it all works. 

Subsequent sessions will be less chat and more therapy. Although I aim to get at least 45mins therapy time within the first session. 

You will then move to the therapy couch and get very comfortable with a blanket if you wish. 

I will then talk you through relaxing your body, taking you to a beautiful scene and talking you through the life changing processes/techniques that I have planned for you. 

Session Duration

1st session 1hour 20-30mins

2nd session can be 1hour or 1.5hours


1st session £70

1 hour £60

1.5 hours £75

Combine Hypnotherapy NLP with Another Therapy

After the first session you can choose a 1.5 hour session and receive Reiki or Access Bars after the hypnotherapy part of the session. 


Hello I am Rebecca, I am a registered Hypnotherapist and an accredited NLP Practitioner.  I deliver quality sessions for clients and achieve excellent results. 

Hypnotherapy NLP

Hypnotherapy is known to be very successful in treating addictions but it is now commonly used to help with:

Self Esteem & Confidence

General Wellbeing

Stress, Anxiety & worry

Inner child healing

Letting Go of the Past

Hypnosis for Weight Loss


and much more

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a safe, natural state of relaxation like our daydream state. We experience this on a daily basis in natural situations such as:

Day dreaming

Reading a book or watching a film


Listening to music

Driving a car on automatic pilot 

What does hypnotherapy feel like?

Your mind and body are very comfortable and relaxed and yet you are aware of sounds and movements around you. It gives you a feeling of complete security, well-being, contentment and relief from tension. Most thoroughly enjoy the feeling as you can experience deep inner peace. Afterwards you can feel completely rejuvenated as this natural state is very healing for the mind and body. 

What is hypnotherapy and what happens in a session?

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis (relaxation) for therapeutic purposes. This is done by taking you through relaxing the body and then talking you through a relaxing scene such as a beach or a place in nature.

Hypnotherapy allows parts of the brain to become more active so that visualisation, learning and memory recall becomes easier and positive changes can be made. 

Our mind stores memories, emotions, beliefs, images and thoughts. In a relaxed state (hypnosis) we can identify and access any repressed emotions or memories that are at the root of our current issues. These memories are not relived but can be healed by going through some simple processes. 

Hypnotherapy also includes rehearsing positive scenes and scenarios within our mind along with bringing in the relevant positive feelings. This is a powerful process and encourages our mind to provide us with what is needed on the day, e.g. stay calm & provide positive thoughts. 

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is used which is a collection of techniques, models and processes to help you let go of limiting, destructive behaviour & thought strategies. It also provides effective techniques to help you release negative emotions. NLP is based on the work of three renowned therapists who had achieved extraordinary results with their patients. I can see why as I am also achieving fantastic results with these tools. 


Sessions are provided at my base in Newport Shropshire  which is accessible from Shrewsbury, Telford & Wolverhampton.  I also provide sessions at Hales Osteopathic Practice in Market Drayton. 

See Blogs on hypnotherapy below for more information. 

NLP Explained

NLP is a collection of techniques, models and processes for changing unwanted behaviours, letting go of limiting destructive behaviour & thought strategies and healing old negative emotions and more.  NLP is based on the work of three renowned therapists who had achieved extraordinary results with their patients.

Example of Media Use

A classic example (one aspect of many, many tools) of how NLP has been used in the media is, when you think of the word ‘hamburger’ which company do you think of? When you think of the words ‘fizzy drink’ which company comes to mind? This is called anchoring which means that we associate certain words and sounds with certain events, objects, people or companies in this situation. They may not make you want to buy a burger but if you were to fancy one, and if they did their job correctly, the big yellow M will come to mind.

NLP in Everyday situations

We have created our own personal anchors, which are different for everyone. For some smelling coffee can mean “ahh time for a break” and may bring images of the sofa, and feelings of warmth and cosiness may arise.  This can also be done in the reverse, for many of us, a negative situation experienced will cause an uncomfortable feeling. If this situation happened in a classroom for example, then anything that the brain perceives as similar such as a meeting room or an authority figure such as a boss may bring up a similar feeling as the original event.  The brain has done a pattern match. This is similar to that, therefore you will feel this! NLP has the tools to reverse this and they are often very simple and effortless for the participant.

Used by Professionals

The above is just a tiny part of NLP. It’s about understanding how our brain works and using that knowledge to overcome some of our limitations.  This is why NLP is often used by top sports and business professionals as well as therapists.

NLP processes are very effective and therefore used regularly in these hypnotherapy sessions.