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Aromatherapy massage sessions with Rebecca

What happens In a Session


Essential oil selection process

1 hour back, neck & shoulder massage, can include legs and arms

Essential Oils Are Blended Specifically For You By a Qualified Aromatherapist

Essential oils are selected for your needs whether that's to relieve stress, reduce pain and inflammation, build up your immune system, hydrate, or balance your emotions. 

Can Combine Massage with Reiki or Access Bars

Energy work can be included within the massage on problem areas for extra impact or you can have a combination session where the massage is carried out first then Reiki or Access Bars (therapeutic touch points on head) is provided.  

Session Duration & Cost

Aromatherapy Massage 45min session £30

Aromatherapy Massage  1hr 20-30mins Session £50

Combination treatments 1.5 hours £50

Aromatherapy massage

​​​Many clients report that after one massage their neck and shoulder pain has significantly eased.

Aromatherapy Explained

Aromatherapy is a therapy (massage) with aroma (essential oils). The essential oils are extracted from plants, trees, flowers, fruits, bark & herbs with properties known to benefit both psychological and physical problems.​​​

An Aromatherapy massage has additional benefits to a normal massage due to the therapeutic effects of the essential oils. The essential oils are absorbed into the body and depending upon their properties, they can soothe, stimulate and heal.

This Aromatherapy Massage 

The soothing massage helps with aches & pains, stress & tension, circulation and the immune system. Essential oils are selected for their therapeutic properties such as pain reducing, anti inflammatory, antiviral and calming. Effleurage strokes are mainly used that are gentle and soothing which helps depression and stress. Deeper techniques can be applied to problematic areas if required.

This massage is soothing, relaxing and rejuvenating but also aims to relieve stiff and tense muscles and can tackle problematic areas if you are happy for are happy for this work to be carried out. 

Energy work

Energy work such as Reiki can be directed at any problematic areas if desired. 

Essential Oils Provide Extra Power

Essential oils provide extra power to tackle tiredness, headaches, PMT, Menopause, pain, insomnia, stress and anxiety, feeling run down and much much more. Only the highest quality essential oils are used and they are selected based on your needs. 

Benefits of Massage:

Eases muscle pain 

Eases Stress & anxiety 

Boosts Sleep

Boosts immunity 

Relieves headaches

Reduces or eliminates pain

Improves joint mobility 

Improves circulation

improves lyphatic drainage

Boosts energy levels

Improves digestion 

Improves mood